The Sellers Huddersfield Junior Cricket League U13 Results
Teams stated in batting order - * indicates home team
---Area 13A---
*Barkisland 129-4 (H.Finch 25, J.Mole 25)
Rastrick 25a.o.

*Cumberworth 67a.o. (J.Senior 25)
Almondbury Wes A 68-3 (J.Court 25)

*Denby Dale 124-3 (K.Mosley 25, T.Brotherton 25, H.Stubbs 26, E.Sefton 27)
Thurstonland 79-4 (G.Redgrove 25)

*Delph & Dobcross 78a.o. (X.Selby 25, N.Walker 25; L.McCauley 4-0)
Kirkburton 80-3 (S.Schofield 25, T.Coulthard 25)

*Honley 110-1 (H.Lindley 25, M.Brooke 25)
Skelmanthorpe 101-7 (L.Moore 27)

*Upperthong 119-6 (B.Mighall 26)
Scholes A 102-7

---Area 13B---
*Denby 100-8 (T.Beaumont 28)
Lepton 128-3 (B.English 27, S.Heaton 25, S.Jenkinson 25)

*Emley 73-9 (J.Griffiths 26 )
Slaithwaite 76-7 (H.Walker 3-5)

*Holmbridge 65-8
Kirkheaton 61a.o. (F.McCormack 7-13)

*Shepley 82-2 (J.Longden 28, D.Lane 25)
Birkby Rose Hill 81-5 (U.Khalid 25)

*Shelley 69-2 (B.Huges 25)
Broad Oak 67-5

---Area 13C---
*Almondbury Wes B 76-3
Armitage Bridge A 98-6 (J.Burnley 25, T.Cartwright 25)

*Armitage Bridge B 77-8
Green Moor 79-4 (C.Coles 25, J.Christopherson 25)

*Holmfirth 84a.o. (J.Eustance 25)
Hall Bower 85-6 (R.Collier 25, O.Hirst 26)

*Marsden - late result

*Meltham 99-3 (R.Worrall 26, B.Foster 26)
Bradley & Colne 74a.o. (J.Sykes-Kenworthy 3-5)

*Scholes B 104-6 (J.Laycock 25)
Augustinians 67-8 (I.Farooq 28)

The Sellers Huddersfield Junior Cricket League U13 Weekly Honours Board

T.Beaumont Denby 28
J.Longden Shepley 28
I.Farooq Augustinians 28
E.Sefton Denby Dale 27
L.Moore Skelmanthorpe 27
B.English Lepton 27
H.Stubbs Denby Dale 26
B.Mighall Upperthong 26
J.Griffiths Emley 26
O.Hirst Hall Bower 26
R.Worrall Meltham 26
B.Foster Meltham 26
H.Finch Barkisland 25
J.Mole Barkisland 25
J.Senior Cumberworth 25
J.Court Almondbury Wes A 25
K.Mosley Denby Dale 25
T.Brotherton Denby Dale 25
G.Redgrove Thurstonland 25
X.Selby Delph & Dobcross 25
N.Walker Delph & Dobcross 25
S.Schofield Kirkburton 25
T.Coulthard Kirkburton 25
H.Lindley Honley 25
M.Brooke Honley 25
S.Heaton Lepton 25
S.Jenkinson Lepton 25
D.Lane Shepley 25
U.Khalid Birkby Rose Hill 25
B.Huges Shelley 25
J.Burnley Armitage Bridge A 25
T.Cartwright Armitage Bridge A 25
C.Coles Green Moor 25
J.Christopherson Green Moor 25
J.Eustance Holmfirth 25
R.Collier Hall Bower 25
J.Laycock Scholes B 25

F.McCormack Holmbridge 7 - 13
L.McCauley Kirkburton 4 - 0
H.Walker Emley 3 - 5
J.Sykes-Kenworthy Meltham 3 - 5

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